Tradelink – rollout

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More than a 'new generation' store, it's the Store of the Future

Tradelink’s ‘Branch of the Future’ is straight-up, practical design with a focus on basic, raw, hardwearing materials in a simple, decisive, easy-to-navigate space. Back-to-basics pares back the unnecessary add-ons and offers straightforward advice in an approachable, friendly environment. Everything about the design ethos is raw, honest and authentic. It offers a vibrant, memorable yet comfortable experience to visit, get the tools of the trade and pass on knowledge.

At the start of the project, Tradelink asked us for a new generation store design, a rebrand and a whole new think about their retail operation and their omni-channel experience.

Design Clarity challenged the traditional hardware warehouse template and lowered all the fixturing on the trade retail floor to maximise visibility across the space, allowing simple self-navigation and exposure to all core categories from anywhere in-store. DC put forward new initiatives for increasing the basket size, to educate, explore and connect via impulse bins and staples, quick pick selection and add in a click & collect service.

Design Clarity fast-tracked the first stage of rollout for Tradelink – this included working on over 30 projects within an eight-month period.

So far, fifteen stores have been completed and we have a very happy client.