4 retail design mistakes to avoid in your shop

Store design is difficult, no matter what city you are designing in; London, Sydney, Paris, Melbourne – they all showcase the best stores designed by some of the best retail designers on the planet.

However, where there is great store design, there are also mistakes – good and bad go hand in hand in design. Let us take you through some retail design mistakes to avoid when getting your store designed.

1. Choosing the wrong property.

Let’s start at day dot. Hire your store designer well in advance of even renting or buying the property that you intend to use for your store. If you get them on board beforehand they can advise you on what type, size, location and many other important features you should consider. This could save you loads of time and money in the long run.

2. Getting the lighting wrong.

Bad lighting will directly affect your customers experience of the store. It sounds far fetched, but this can sometimes make them leave the store, meaning they do not make a purchase. Lighting creates mood, and customers in a good mood are more likely to purchase your product.

3. Insufficient and incorrect storage space.

Without proper planning and calculations of how much stock you estimate to turn over you can run into problems with getting a retail store that is too big or too small. A good store designer can advise you on this issue. In addition, buying shelving and merchandising racks that look good, but aren’t functional is another no-no – leave it to the professionals to suggest what is best.

4. Not prioritising the checkout area.

Many store owners forget that the checkout area is one of the most important design obstacles of the whole store. They assume that once the customer gets there they have the sale in the bag, literally, but this is not always the case. Over cluttered or obstructed exits are a hindrance and do not give the customer a good last impression of the store. Retail designers will give this area the attention it deserves.

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