A reinvention of retail bank design

Retail bank design will never be the same and it is a good thing. Increasingly the traditional old institutionalised banking model is finding itself ousted. In its place is rising a bold progressive new approach to banking. One that has a friendly face, engaging consumer experience and even kid-friendly trappings.

Such an about-face cannot be achieved with retail bank design. As David Mellonie said in his article about the Victor Harbor banking revolution:

According to Design Clarity, ‘the design respects the functionality required of a traditional banking space while being fresh, unique and in-line with the Credit Union’s main vision.’

So there you have it. A merger of two vital factors to create an enthralling new bank patron experience driven by the vehicle of retail bank design. What sort of features does the new retail bank design regime have in store? Well pretty much anything that clearly signifies a radical move away from the traditional banking model.

In the Victor Harbour People’s Choice Credit Union, the sort of features included in the retail bank design rollout included:

“Coffee machines, real money trees, communal lockers, bright colour schemes, fake lawn, umbrellas and trolleys available to borrow, and iPads for kids to draw electronic pictures on are just some of the items customers can find inside the credit union premises.”

Design Clarity was the power behind Victor Harbour’s retail bank design revolution. Visual segmentation was the fundamental concept of the retail bank design of People’s Choice Credit Union. The space was divided ‘into three zones: a personal, a communal and a ‘social strip’.

Uptake has been strong among consumers, even those who are not enamoured with the colour green that predominates the social strip. Design Clarity has vast experience across Australia and UK in spearheading pioneering retail bank design such as that sported by Victor Harbour’s People’s Choice Credit Union.

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