A story of shifting brand perception

Shifting brand perception is a tale of taking what already exists and repackaging it for longevity, relevance and value-add. For many businesses, maintaining a strong relationship with their target consumers means rolling with changing needs and ‘hot buttons’. Consumers are loyal to brands they relate too. Design Clarity lead the field in shifting brand perception for businesses of all kinds so they stay relevant and high-performing.

Shopping for shifting brand perception: Paddington Grocers

Paddington Grocers is a small IGA supermarket located in Paddington, Sydney. The store has been a mainstay of the local retail landscape for over 20 years – and it looks it. This local market store had not been renovated for more than 20 years. So it was beginning to fall decidedly behind the times given the dynamic evolution of the traditional grocery store to vibrant market-style customer experience. Recognising this, Paddington Grocers put Design Clarity to the task of shifting brand perception.

Today, the term ‘grocery store’ hardly does justice to what actually awaits consumers when they embark on their grocery shopping. Modern grocery stores are brimming with freshly brewed coffee, freshly harvested seasonal and organic produce, foodie delights with diverse delis and so much more. Shifting brand perception for Paddington Grocers means elevating the traditional store to a new exciting offer of boutique grocer. Under Design Clarity’s expert skill, Paddington Grocers is about to launch with:

– Street-front juice bar to create immediate activity at the shopfront and entice consumers inside

– Colourful reasons to stay and shop with a rich array of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer

– Vast range of organic produce to excite and satisfy event the most discerningly heath-conscious consumer

– Crisp clean new store environment featuring raw natural materials, meaningful signage to guide the customer journey and enhanced wayfinding

– Totally transformed visual identity to speak to the local customer

Say yes to shifting brand perception

Staying relevant is mission-critical to staying afloat. No matter what your business, if it is time to speak with Design Clarity about shifting brand perception.