Agile retail: better get moving

Consumer needs evolve at the speed of light. Retail has to keep pace. Here is where agile retail becomes a driving force in strategic business adaptation, innovation and technological deployment. Drawing on the insight yielded by big data, agile retail aims to arm industries with emerging trends to enhance service and capitalise on opportunities. So are you ready to get moving? Then you had better get across agile retail.

Agile retail may be a new term to some. Succinctly put, it is a direct-to-consumer retail model aimed to deliver:

  • Swifter response to consumers changing needs: seeks to help businesses satisfy new consumer needs by taking innovative responsive products to market faster
  • Personalised shopping experiences: draws on individuals’ previous shopping histories to personalise shopping experiences for maximum engagement
  • Totally realised technological capabilities: with agile retail at work, consumers access a truly 360 multi-channel shopping experience spanning mobile, online, in-store and more

Agile retail focuses on the end consumer, their needs and experience. Herein lies the key to how retailers can really capitalise. Effectively, it equips retailers to respond more quickly to change. As such, product innovation is one of the greatest advantages agile retail can yield for retailers. With more time-critical information on-hand, retailers can be far more nimble in anticipating what products and solutions are going to take the market by storm – and ensuring they adapt their offerings to match. Retailers can capitalise on emerging market buzz, pre-empt product popularity and tailor marketing to match coming trends. In this way, it supports retailers to remain relevant and responsive as their industry evolves.

So is your retail business ready to be bold? Ready to evolve in step with the emerging market? Then you are ready to speak with Design Clarity. We specialise in supporting retailers to move continuously with the times on the strength of insightful full-circle agile retail. Just take a look at some of our recent work in this arena: