Arresting retail displays: a how-to guide

Retail displays can soar or sink. It all comes down to creating the right impressions and impact at the right time. Customers shop with their sense and visual appeal is a high-impact force. You could have the most brilliant top-quality wares available but if you are not showcasing these correctly, they will stay stuck on your shelves. Start drawing customers in and keeping them in your store. It all starts with a call to Design Clarity about ravishing displays.

When done right, retail displays can:

  • Build brand recognition
  • Attract customers then hold their attention
  • Leverage merchandise placement to guide your customer journey
  • Draw customers to key points of sale

What retail store could not use these benefits? But they are a double-edged sword. If you are not executing your retail displays effectively, you could be inadvertently driving business away. Uninspiring or stilted merchandising will cause customers to sense blocks, bottlenecks and barriers. This just will not do for business. Design Clarity expertly supercharges your displays to use every aspect of your premises to your advantage. That means facade, floor plans, lighting, furnishings, branding and of course they work together to compel your customers that you are a retailer of choice. Your specialist Design Clarity team will:

  • Tailor an impressive blend of permanent and portable displays
  • Support you in continually refreshing your retail displays to keep existing customers interested and win new consumer favour
  • Optimise your floor plan so as to eliminate wasted display space and use every inch of your store
  • Match products within retail displays so your merchandising presentation follows a theme
  • Create striking window retail displays to draw customers into your store with a desire to see what else you have on offer

Ready to unveil retail displays that convert customers like crazy? Speak to Design Clarity today.