The art of retail design

Retail design is the force that moulds retail and hospitality venues into experiential spaces. When it comes to crafting visually engaging retail and hospitality venues, art becomes pivotal. Retail design experts like Design Clarity know that art attracts attention and achieves a thematic consumer experience that persuades them to enter, purchase, linger and return.

Retail design can be the closest ally of hospitality or retail operators by increasing patron dwell time and pleasurable socialising within the space. That is why powerful design is imbued with strategically curated art elements.

Design Clarity’s insightful design hand can be experienced in the Nando’s restaurant chain, whereby a thematic art journey is incorporated throughout its many outlets globally. Nando’s artworks are statement pieces that strengthen brand story, captivate consumers and cultivate a unique enticing gathering space.

Full-flavoured design is what makes Design Clarity tick. So when putting retail design flair to work for contemporary sushi joint, Sushi Hon in Barangaroo, this talented retail design team again tapped into artistic forces. Here, Design Clarity collaborated with internationally recognised Sydney artist, Shannon Crees. Ms Crees has given vibrant interpretation to Design Clarity’s Japanese laneway-style bar and eatery concept.

Customised wallpaper depicting international cityscapes was used in Sydney’s shopping mall Central Park. The level 2 food precinct was enlivened with the wallpaper art elements created in collaboration with Eboy. The loud graphics enhance the vibrant colours, the provenance of the ingredients and the theatrics of cooking.

Another eatery that also benefited from a commissioned unique wallpaper designed exclusively for them by Design Clarity in collaboration with Timorous Beasties was Browns Brasserie & Bar. The wallpaper design played a part in an overall thoroughly modern ‘grounded grandeur’ concept, true to the brief, for a client craving a cocktail of ideas; a design refresh that is considered, elegant and quintessentially British.

Would your retail or hospitality establishment relish the potential of ravishing retail design? Or perhaps you would simply like to see more of this force in action. Either way, a great next step is to browse Design Clarity’s recent portfolio of retail design work including projects like the Glue Store in Miranda, Sydney.