At the helm of retail technology design

Retail technology design is the vehicle keeping heritage brands hip and helping fledgling brands pop. Now more than ever, retailers are being called on to deliver a cohesive online and offline customer experience to truly remain relevant and resonant.

Stores of the future will need to engage consumers, showcase the best of brands, tell authentic stories and embrace technology – online and offline experience must merge to maximise retail sales. Consumers of today shop the brand. That means less multi-channel marketing and more unity between retail and brand offer is the pathway forward: in short, the omni-channel. Under the omni-channel concept, all experiential touch points work together to deliver a genuine 360 degree retail experience. Here is where retail technology design is an essential force in aligning your retail website, mobile apps and in store customer journey.

Design Clarity are creative leaders in the field of retail technology design. Bonds is just one prominent client with which this award-winning team share a longstanding relationship. So much so that Design Clarity’s managing director teamed up with Bonds’ retail development manager at this year’s Retail Design Expo to share ‘how design keeps a 100 year heritage brand young’.

Bonds presented a unique case study in retail technology design. Here is an Australian underwear and casual garment mainstay brand that until most recently had never sold direct to consumers via its own retail stores. On the one hand, Bonds had powerful highly-recognised brand. On the other, Bonds had to develop its own compelling retail stores from the ground up.

Bonds brought Design Clarity on board to assist with the challenge. What rolled out was a dynamic evolutionary approach to the changing customer needs and segments. Bonds stores are now five years young and in this time have undergone four distinctive design iterations. Underpinning this strategy is a fundamental shift from making brand the almighty to centralising the individual consumer as the chief focus. Retail technology design has been pivotal to achieving such retail agility, teaming bright vibrant stores with functionality like click and collect to truly optimise consumer experience.

Design Clarity drives groundbreaking retail technology design. Check out some of their other recent work including: