Australia banks are breaking up with old design

It is over. Uninspiring interiors, depressing design and unintuitive layout – all kicked to the curb by banks across Australia. Now banks have their eye on a new conquest. A relationship built to last – sizzling with the chemistry of re-contextualised banking spaces. The union of Australian banks with insightful interior design.

Any bank wanting to unleash the power of design can put money on Design Clarity. This specialist team shine at revitalising banks’ sense of place and customer experience. Creating a banking environment that is a joy to behold and be part of. For both bank customers and staff.  Design Clarity’s skilled bank designers yield advantages including:

  • Profound new internal environment that welcomes and supports customers
  • Strategic visual advertising to expose key products and services
  • Integrated expression of brand identity to enhance internal and external cut-through
  • Optimum use of functional space with zero waste
  • Thoughtful physical layout to guide consumers to swift satisfaction of their needs
  • Business agility to respond to evolving banking directions, demands and consumers

Banks play a vital role in peoples’ lives. From metropolitan Sydney to Australia’s smaller towns, visiting the bank has not traditionally been a glee-filled prospect. But bank design brings a fresh new face to the banking experience. Now customers can see how banks respond to their lifestyle and financial needs through intuitive interiors. Bank design by Design Clarity has already revolutionised banks in Sydney and across Australia. Sneak a peek at their most recent successes including: BankwestBankwest ExpressUAE Exchange.