Australian banks make a statement through design

Bank design speaks volumes! So banks from metropolitan Melbourne to rural Australia are turning up the sound on vivid visual identity. Banking patrons are tuning in to amplified brand personalities, enhanced consumer experience and enticing bank spaces. So what is this bold new wave? Bank design.

Great business demands you do more than make a statement. You must make a profoundly impressive statement. That is where Design Clarity bank designers give you optimum bang. Armed with transformative skills to enrich internal bank environments and customer experience.

The right bank designers will help you:

  • Empower your bank with a compelling sense of place
  • ‘Friendly up’ your customer interface while portraying acute professionalism at every turn
  • Give visual identity and branding tangible expression which resonates with your patients
  • Marry form and function for optimum use of space
  • Integrate your internal brand values to activate a motivated engaged workforce
  • Attack your visual marketing with through strategic placement and display
  • Craft an end-to-end consumer journey with ‘pit-stops’ directed by you
  • Improve timely consumer service and gratification

Modern times have truly shaken up the financial services sector. The global financial crisis has left banking with many questions about the place, purpose and future of this industry. Yet change can also be positive as leading Australian bank design proves. A new age of inspired banking environments yielding benefits for both staff members and patrons. That is what Design Clarity bank designers are spear-heading. There is no more powerfully definitive answer to questions arising from turbulent financial times.

Banks within Melbourne and across Australia have already put Design Clarity to work with revolutionary results. Just take a look at this team’s recent bank design projects for a taste of what’s possible: