Australian restaurant designers drive dining trends

Australian restaurant designers have a central role to play boosting our national hospitality sector. And there is some work to be done. According to the annual Dimmi Australian Dining Index the restaurant sector has hit a 2.4 per cent drop. Yet it is not all doom and gloom. The average national spend has gone up a tad by 37 cents. Great news for premium-end restaurants in particular as the average spend rose in these eateries by 17 percent.

The 2015 Dimmi Australian Dining Index reveals several interesting trends that restaurants can capitalise on. Particularly with the help of skilled Australian restaurant designers. Such trends include:

Aussie diners are becoming more spontaneous in their restaurant bookings. So much so that last minute bookings constitute 32 percent of booking lead times. Meanwhile mobile bookings have eclipsed desktop reservations. Here lies a massive window of opportunity for your restaurant to snare new clientele and turn them into repeat business. All you need to do is ensure that your eatery has everything in place to woo those ripe-for-the-picking impulsive restaurant seekers. Australian restaurant designers specialise in achieving just this through strategies like breakthrough branding, inspired interiors and zero wasted space

Corporate bookings are on the rise. With a 41 percent increase in online bookings from the top 10 corporates there is a lucrative consumer niche just waiting to be mined. Engaging reputable Australian restaurant designers can help your eatery claim a healthy share of this rapidly growing market. Australian restaurant designers like Design Clarity prime your establishment to captivate the corporate market. This target group demands a premium dining experience from service to ambience and all points in between

Aussies are dining out less often but spending more when they do. That means as a restaurant owner, you must make every booking count. Australian restaurant designers can help you upsell your patrons at every turn. Engaging surrounds and marvelous service efficiency encourage patrons to linger longer. So lunch becomes a wine or two, dinner turns into dessert then coffee and so on.

Trends revealed by Dimmi’s Australian Dining Index 2015 can illuminate many great areas of opportunity for eatery owners. Design Clarity is here to help you take advantage of these prospects through inspired design. For a taste of what’s possible, take a look at the work of our Australian restaurant designers in recent projects like:

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