Award winning design achieves accolades

Our award-winning team brings praise on a plate. Brown’s Bar & Brasserie in Bristol is basking in the sunshine of honour after being shortlisted for recognition in the prestigious Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in the “Best Restaurant or Bar in a heritage building” category. Design Clarity had the huge privilege and creative task of transforming the splendid listed building that once jointly served the Bristol Library and Philosophical Institution. Playing closely on the spectacular architecture and heritage character of the space, Design Clarity reimagined the building into the premium Brown’s Bar & Brasserie. According to the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, this award winning design team did the space proud.

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is an international competition dedicated to the design of food and beverage spaces. So just what earned Brown’s Bar & Brasserie consideration for one of these sought-after awards?

Design Clarity’s award winning design talent ensured that a magnificent bar right in the centre of the space serves as a great focal point. Not only do the deep timber tones of the curved bar architecture set off the smart gleaming bar offering a host of aperitif, refreshment and creative beverage choices. The bar also beckons the eager students of nearby Bristol University. Award winning design recognises the bottom line business benefits of drawing this younger patron group to socialise and soak up all the pleasures offered by this glorious heritage building in its new bar and brasserie guise.

Thanks to the clever use of dining precincts, the Bristol University student crowd can kick up their heels in style while other patrons can relish a completely separate pace – all under the same roof. Putting award winning design to great use, Design Clarity created a range of dining configurations using zones, levels and architectural features to achieve unique social precincts.

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