Awe-inspiring Australian pub design

Australian pub design is the impetus giving customers a reason to come to your establishment. What is a church without a congregation? What is a pub without bums on seats? Both are community gathering spaces but there has to be a compelling reason for the community to come on in! Here is where pub design is heaven sent. Put savvy professionals on the job of overhauling your space to make it irresistible to your patron congregation.

Design powers up your space with transformative features like:

  • Kids play zones: want to bring families into your establishment? Good design helps you appeal to all members of the family with bright inviting kids play areas. Youngsters will love burning off energy and exploring new space custom-designed especially for them. Meanwhile parents will thank you for some time alone together or with friends while the kids play
  • Adult play zones: Australian pub design makes sure that it’s not just the kids who get to let their hair down. Whether it’s an inviting pokies zone, dedicated air hockey or pool space or more, grown-ups will soak up the entertainment of your pub as well as the food and beverages
  • Variety of seating zones: some come to enjoy an intimate dinner for two, others come to catch up as a big group, still more want to simply drop in for a quick bite. When you offer a variety of seating zones under one pub roof, you allow patrons to choose their pace and pleasure. Creative pub design helps you achieve this with strategy and style
  • Dish up excitement: modern pubs can turn on as much entertainment as live theatre. Especially with Australian pub design exciting your patrons with open kitchens, real-time cocktail making, eye-catching dessert trolleys and much more. The term “feast your eyes” can certainly be delivered on by great design
  • Add to your offerings: ever considered maximising the use of your real estate with retail opportunities? Australian pub design specialists, Design Clarity have helped Mount Annan Hotel upgrade the bottle shop & keg store located alongside the hotel. These retail offerings work in powerful tandem with the hotel itself

Inspired to put Australian pub design to work for your establishment? Speak with Design Clarity today.