Bank branch interiors with boom!

Bank branch interiors are radically changing in response to increased competition and evolving patron demands. Behind such sweeping change you will naturally find key change-makers. So just what are the major drivers behind the bank branch interiors revolution? Get ready to meet three of the biggest influencers:

1. Digital technology

There is so much more to bank branch interiors than attractive colour palettes and snazzy merchandising displays. Consider what a monumental differentiator digital technology is. Herein lies the key to enhanced service automation, more engaged patrons and improved service levels. Think communal iPads that allow patrons to carry out transactions without ever needing to queue or cashing in on automated cash delivery. One thing bank branch interiors can never do without however is the human touch. That’s why it’s essential to any creative and strategic design that digital technology works hand-in-glove with service staff.

2. Key value proposition

New bank branch interiors are purposeful at every turn. Here is a golden opportunity to express the dynamism and memorable experiential service approach that will draw new custom and drive loyalty. So sharpen your key value proposition to needlepoint clarity and give this compelling expression throughout your physical bank premises. Don’t forget to roll out your key value proposition as compellingly via digital media too. Short video messaging is one great channel as is your website and other online real estate.

3. Community

Your local community is more than just a patron base. Herein lies one of the strongest links a bank can forge. When a community prospers so does the local bank, after all. That means modern bank branch interiors must reflect and boast resounding community values.

Ready to pour boldness into your bank branch interiors? Make sure you tailor your interiors to be flexible and adaptive. But your best starting block is Design Clarity’s portfolio of inspirational and illuminating work on bank branch interiors. Just take a look at what this creative force has achieved for the likes of: