Bank Design

The creative team at Design Clarity specialise in revamping and re-contextualising retail and commercial spaces and their recent designs for the banking industry are striking examples of their success in this area.

For too long going to bank has been seen as a chore by many and this is mainly down to the dour and depressing designs of the past.

All this is beginning to change and companies like Design Clarity are breaking with traditional banking designs and creating something that will make consumers re-think their long held opinions about visiting the bank.

Read the case studies below to find out more about Design Clarity’s behind these fairly radical departures from traditional bank design.

Bank West, Bank Design

Design Clarity started working with Bankwest in Jan 2007 and created the very original & very successful ‘Iceberg’ Bankwest model.  A brand new retail banking concept was born around a central idea of friendly ‘stores’ rather than traditional branches & happy customers instead of long queues; cafe-style banquettes & semi-private consultation igloos.
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Bankwest Express, Bank Design Concept

Design Clarity’s idea for Bankwest Express evolved out of a series of blue-sky concepts, and reflects the happy banking attitude & quirkiness of the Bankwest brand. The initial site launched in Karrinyup, Perth early in 2011 with very positive customer feedback.
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People’s Choice Credit Union concept:

The Design Clarity team produced an innovative concept that focussed on the visual segmentation of the space into three zones; a personal, a communal and an unconventional social strip as the core of the design. The Credit Union’s new brand colour green, is the main focus of the social strip which includes everything from green faux turf to green light fittings and even living money plants.
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