Australia’s bank design evolution

Everyone needs a change now and again! Even banks. Especially in major Australian centres like Sydney where industry competition is at its most fierce.

So bank designers are being increasingly looked to for an Extreme Makeover – banking style. Across Australia savvy banks are revitalising their image through clever design. Breaking with staid traditions of stolid financial establishment and pioneering new ground with dynamic, customer friendly experiences.

Leading the fray of insightful bank designers in Design Clarity. Banks occupy a unique industry position. Yet the very foundation of banking has been rocked by the GFC and concerns over another looming. At the best of times, customers did not relish a trip to the bank. Indeed this was commonly considered a monotonous chore.

Now though, larger consumer concerns have arisen. Like how secure their money really is and where banks actually fit in this changed financial landscape. Bank design cannot answer all these questions. But with Design Clarity at the helm, design can and is recontextualising the banking industry in positive new ways.

Many banks in Sydney and across Australia are already reaping the rewards brought by these stellar bank designers. Like:

  • Fully integrated brand story told resoundingly within the physical bank space
  • Ease of service flow and customer experience
  • Inspired sense of place instilling renewed optimism and trust within consumers
  • Natural yet strategic showcase of hero products and services
  • Engaged staff due to a pleasant work environment and brand buy-in
  • Optimum employment of space with zero waste and maximum efficiency

Savvy interior design is a driving force behind the future of banking. Create bold new consumer experiences and internal efficiencies with Design Clarity.

In essence, our bank designers help you garner greater loyalty from patrons and within your own staff. Our design prowess has already achieved this and more for banks in Sydney and Australia wide. Just take a look at our recent bank design projects: UAE Exchange, People’s Choice Credit Union, Bankwest, Bankwest Express