Bank design: from outmoded to outstanding

Bank design is dong away with the old notion that banking equals boring. A talented team of bank designers are on a modernising mission across Australian banks. Design Clarity have reinvented the face of banking and are rolling this out across all progressively-minded banks.

So now the perception of stolid ‘old school’ institutionalised banks is outdated. As outdated in fact as many of those banks actually were before they discovered bank design. And the right bank designer of course.

Are banks thrilled to be shedding their traditional chrysalis to emerge with bold brilliant new interior design? Bank on it. But others too are happy with the changes skilled bank designers, Design Clarity are inspiring. Banking patrons. How refreshing to behold an inspired contemporary bank frontage that oozes cutting edge insight and modern conveniences galore. Then what a treat to step inside and find this is far from just visual veneer. True bank design transforms every aspect of a physical bankscape from the ground up.

Put the experienced bank designers at Design Clarity to work. You’ll see a bank premises be transformed into a tangible 3D brand ambassador with:

  • Exceptional street frontage to entice patrons and prospects inside
  • Impeccable service flow from front door to service interface
  • Strategic information displays and kiosks to champion ‘hero’ products
  • Smart layout that intuitively guides customers to key service areas
  • Happy engaged employees kept positive and productive by a inspiring work space
  • Zero waste of floor area to every inch is used at its best

The modern banking and finance market is highly competitive. But bank design helps your establishment stand powerfully apart. Be sure to put proven adept bank designers on the job. Bank designers like Design Clarity who have a demonstrable track record of revolutionising bankscapes. Just take a look at a sampling of their recent bank design successes: