Bank design steps into the friendly zone

When you think of bank design the words ‘friendly’ and ‘creative’ don’t immediately spring to mind. Banks are usually drab places that people want to get in and out of fast, although that doesn’t always happen.

What if a creative design agency could change that perception? Make walking into a bank a pleasant and even fun space where a customer feels looked after and leaves satisfied with their banking experience.

Design Clarity has achieved this elusive goal for bankwest and they can do it for you too (whether you are a bank or not). Here’s just some of the recent bank design projects they have completed:

  • Bankwest flagship store Perth: The design team worked closely with CBA Group Property to push the Bankwest brand even further than before, with zones for innovation and future-proofing – bank design at it’s most creative and innovative.
  • People’s Choice Credit Union: The team produced an innovative concept that focussed on the visual segmentation of the space into three zones; a personal, a communal and an unconventional social strip as the core of the design.
  • Bankwest iceberg model: A brand new retail banking concept around a central idea of friendly ‘stores’ rather than traditional branches with happy customers instead of long queues.
  • Bankwest express: A successful kiosk retail banking concept offering select Bankwest services and acting as a highly visible brand ‘signpost’ in the middle of shopping malls.

Whether you need bank design Melbourne or bank design Sydney (or any Australian city), the team at Design Clarity can assist you with the best interior and bank design, simply drop them a line via the contact form or call on the numbers at the top of this website.