Bank design: the ultimate rebirth

Inspiring. Welcoming. Pleasurable. Effortless. Not usually words that spring to mind when contemplating a bank. But bank on it: there is radical change afoot and it means great things for progressive banks and their consumers. What is driving this revolution? Bank design of course.

Banks have not traditionally been known for thinking outside the square. Indeed banks are commonly considered to be old battleaxes – outmoded drab institutions that are ‘red tape’ minefields. Enlightened bank designers are changing all this though. Fresh thinking banks are undergoing a marvellous rebirth that sees:

  • Tired old bank brands being replaced by vibrant, exciting, powerfully articulated brand stories
  • Sombre bottle-necked bank interiors giving way to dynamic, user-friendly layouts
  • Regimented and convoluted service areas traded in for responsive, welcoming service zones

Understandably the changes being ushered in by bank design are a breath of fresh air to patrons. But what does all this translate to in terms of the bank’s bottom line? Plenty. While they are busy thrilling patrons, banks themselves can capitalise on the handiwork of talented bank designers including:

  • Cohesive interiors that provide compelling brand story expression
  • Clear-cut service zones offering utmost ease for both patrons and staff
  • Precise showcase of hero products and key service areas
  • Zero wasted space through innovative shelving, storage and layout
  • Strategic floor blueprint to optimise service efficiency throughout the bank
  • Engaged, productive staff members who are happy in their work environment
  • Loyal clients who spread the word about their refreshing banking experiences

Making such sweeping changes is not always easy for banks and lending institutions. Yet the pay-offs of engaging superlative bank designers are simply too profound to pass up. Design Clarity has a proven track record of reforming banks for the better. This outstanding team of experienced bank designers has already set several banks kicking new goals. All through tailored interiors that offer the best in form and function. Just take a peek at their portfolio of recent bank design projects, including: