Bank designers are the ultimate ‘fresh-maker’

Bank design eliminates boring from the bank equation. While liberating – this is a major move! After all, banks have traditionally been synonymous with boring. Not just boring though – institutionalised, packed with red tape, even downright time-wasting. But not any more. Bank design crafts a fresh new consumer experience that revolutionises interactions between bank and patron.

So how do you find brilliant bank designers? Two words: Design Clarity. This stellar team of bank designers have already worked with lending institutions across Australia to sweep out staid. With so many challenger brand lending institutions in the market, modern banking patrons have more choice than ever before. So can your banking establishment afford to be less than front of the flock? If not, bank design is what you need. You will stand out with:

  • Location leverage: bank design gets all locational features working in your favour. From handily appointed parking to other kerbside aspects, all will be allies in your success
  • Beckoning bank frontage: create an exterior façade that draws patrons inside to experience the many rewards your bank holds inside
  • Strategic layout: bank design creates an interior that guides your consumer journey.

That means hero products are given prominence and exposure. Service zones are easy to find and queue time in minimised. Your patrons and visitors alike will revel in a smooth seamless service experience

Bank design is not solely about impressing and captivating your external patrons. Your bank staff are key factors in your success. So bank designers place just as much importance on cultivating a healthy, happy and motivated workforce. Pleasant surrounds, ambient downtime zones and ergonomic workstations are all small touches that mean a lot to staff.

Ready to take a look at bank design in action? Browse through the work of gifted bank designers, Design Clarity including lending institutions like.