Bank on bold bank design paying off

Bank design is a true change-maker. In an age-old yet institutionalised industry it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Your point of difference must come not from what you do, but how you do it. Here is where bank designers carve out a niche position for your lending institution. Sure there are plenty of competitors out there offering similar products and solutions to you. Yet bank design ensures nobody does it quite like you.

Savvy bank designers can craft market distinction for all, from long-standing bank to new challenger lender. Design Clarity bank designers understand the unique nuances of your industry. Plus current and emerging drivers of patron banking choice. Patron experience is rapidly becoming the overriding decision-making force. Bank patrons want attentive ease of service in bright aspirational surrounds. So how do bank designers help your institution achieve this? Design Clarity takes a proven multi-faceted approach including:

  • Vibrant façade: customer experience begins on the footpath outside your bank. Make it irresistible for patrons to walk through your doors with an enticing frontage. One that promises responsive individualised service and progressive banking approach. Your brand will be the hero too
  • Optimum kerbside appeal: everything from parking to location assets will be fully leveraged to your advantage
  • Intuitive layout: no banking customer should feel as though they are sailing in unchartered and confusing territory. Bank designers ensure each aspect of your floor map is purposeful and clear. Whatever individual bank visitors require they will find at a glance – even if this is just responsive assistance as to what to do next.
  • Prominent displays: imagine the power of steering patrons to the very products and services you want them to enquire about. All without their realising quite how they wound up there. Such is the beauty of product displays a la bank designers
  • No wasted space: for your premises to serve you fully, no inch should be left idle. Bank design ensures that every bit of space is functional, right down to storage spots or convenient foot thoroughfare

Patrons are not the only ones to benefit from bank design brilliance. Design Clarity bank designers place as much value and emphasis on your staff. After all, your people are the public ambassadors of your brand. So end-to-end bank design crafts engaging, enjoyable work environments that support staff to perform at their best.

Keen to see bank design in action? Gather inspiration and confidence by looking through Design Clarity’s recent portfolio. See what great outcomes our bank designers have achieved for the likes of: