Bar designers look to do it better

Bar designers are besotted with one question: how do you design a better bar? Well the good news is that field-leading professionals like Design Clarity have some pretty compelling answers to this musing. Crafting durable bar spaces that are pleasing to both staff and patrons is a speciality of Design Clarity. This experienced team has achieved lofty bar design outcomes across Australia and the UK. A full circle approach with a focus on collaboration enables Design Clarity bar designers to deliver results that few others can.

As seasoned bar designers, Design Clarity has an impressive breadth of knowledge and vision in this regard. Yet the team never allows themselves to think they are the fount of all wisdom. That is why they work in close consultation with those who are actually going to work the space they’re creating. Design Clarity bar designers work hand in hand with bartenders and workers to truly understand the necessary logistics that underpin aesthetics. Ergonomic efficiency plays a primary role in the overall excellence of a bar. Only those who work behind the bar in question really know what is required. A better bar is achieved through better operation. Design Clarity bar designers plan everything from:

  • Bar station placement and height
  • Handy proximity of ice bins, hot and cold water taps, glasses plus other heavily used apparatus
  • Choice of bar manufacturing materials to ensure aesthetics and fit-for-purpose robustness are perfectly poised

Leveraging such nitty gritty detail, expert bar designers can:

  • Significantly increase drinks output to make the bar more productive and lucrative
  • Notably improve bar staff wellbeing by eliminating or minimising stooping, bending and straining

Bars have long been a mainstay of modern society. Over time, these have evolved to accommodate new trends like drink-mixing showmanship, central bar placement and more. Now bars are evolving once again to incorporate better ergonomics, performance and staff wellbeing. Bar designers are the experts tasked with helping establishments keep pace with such changes. Design Clarity leads the field in transformative bar design. Just check out what these talented bar designers have achieved for: