Bar fit out brilliance

Sydney bar goers lap up atmosphere. Now more than ever, patron experience is the main draw card to your establishment over competitors. Expert bar fit outs ensure your bar has all elements of outstanding consumer experience covered. Design Clarity are your bar fit out Sydney specialists. This stellar team unites innovative design, premium finishes and smart technology use to wow patrons. 

Every bar fit out is unique – as it should be. After all, your brand is a standalone entity entirely distinct from any other. Plus building a winning patron experience lacks impact if lots of other establishments are offering the same. So conveyer-belt bar fit outs simply will not do. Your bar must resonate with your target patrons in ways that are wholly unique. That is why Design Clarity takes a blank canvas approach to every bar fit out Sydney.  You can expect:

  • Booming brand story: watch your brand, values and service promise come to life in your 3D bar premises. Patrons will recognise and remember your name. So when the question comes up of ‘Where shall we go?’, your bar will be front of mind
  • Intuitive layout: drinks are not the only things that should flow at your bar. Floor plans should guide patrons effortlessly to service zones, seating areas, dance floor, amenities and so on. Design Clarity bar fit outs map every inch of your floor to deliver optimum service flow and an easy enjoyable consumer experience
  • Fabulous functionality: having the right conveniences and service tools in the right places optimises your Sydney bar for success. Bar fit outs ensure you have just that. Forget wasted space too because Design Clarity bar fit outs make every inch of premises work its hardest.

So are you set to get your bar fit out Sydney underway? Design Clarity is your bar fit out specialist with extensive experience across Australia and UK. Check out some of this great team’s recent bar fit out work: