Be a digital self service pace-setter

Are you a banking or financial lending branch? Then you need to know the steps to the digital self service dance. One of the key roles a modern branch must fulfil is to get their patrons fully worded up on self-service technologies. Your end goals are higher digital uptake and thoroughly educated patrons. Here is your guide to achieving this.

Deliver masterful member education

Digital self service is of little value if patrons do not know how it can enhance their banking experience or how to use it. Smart branches make their digital self service zone the heart of their branch. It never sleeps, so patrons can carry out a range of banking transactions any time they please. In a smart branch, the self service zone is open 24/7 and is home to:

  • ATMs
  • Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)
  • Robot greeters/AI functionality
  • Service terminals
  • Interactive digital walls
  • Chat services
  • Much more

So how do patrons figure out how to use all this functionality at their fingertips? During branch time, every customer that enters the branch is greeted instantly by a staff member who directs them to technology that meets their needs or offers immediate service via their tablet.

Digital self service: much more than just an add-on

Digital self-service is not a bolt-on to the way branches currently do business. It is an essential part of the modern branch fabric, from customer interactions to daily operations. Over 90 per cent of fundamental patron activities should be migrated over to digital.

But how do you effectively educate your patrons about the new and emerging digital technologies that can radically enhance their branch experience? Place your branch into the expert hands of Design Clarity. We have a proven track record of achieving field-leading self service zones for a range of banking and lending clients. Take a look at our recent portfolio of projects including:

  • Police bank
  • NRMA Insurance
  • People’s Choice Credit Union