Behold bespoke designs

Bespoke designs hold a special kind of beauty. As such spaces are quite unique, visitors leave the everyday behind once they step through the doors and embark on a one-of-a-kind experiential journey. Design Clarity specialise in crafting remarkable bespoke designs for a vast array of clients. One shining example of inspired bespoke designs is provided by an immersive Melbourne homeware and gift emporium.

Homeware and gift stores are usually pleasurable places to browse but this Melbourne space takes visitor experience to bold new heights. Designed on the premise of ‘escape the everyday, discover a new world’, this store space channels a host of vibrant world travel encounters under one captivating roof. Four chief experiential touch points comprise the store being:

Curated case precinct: infused with absorbing storytelling, open cases of apparel and wares are carefully lit to make browsing simple and sumptuous.

Hidden sanctuary precinct: step into the deliciously inviting in-store café. Here you will find bespoke designs at their best. Soothing neutral tones, natural materials and plush cushioned benches provide an irresistible place to contemplate life and possible purchases. Images celebrating wanderlust inspire contemplation. Once replete with scrumptious coffee and cuisine, helpful way-finding signage sends customers on their purposeful way with a clear route in mind.

Market trade precinct: vibrant feature tables with bright yellow canopies and colourful retail displays channel bustling overseas markets where scintillating wares are pedaled.

Unpacked worlds precinct: step into thoughtfully zoned crate displays where exciting local and international wares are displayed in open boxes

Shopping should be an adventure and in this niche Melbourne homeware and gift shop, it most certainly is. Bespoke designs ensure an immersive shopping expedition where you step off a metropolitan Melbourne street and into the vivacious hub-bub of street markets around the world.

Bespoke designs can be whatever your business wants and needs them to be. Speak to the experts in bespoke design – Design Clarity.