Best professional restaurant designers Australia

The design of a restaurant is vitally important to the overall success of the business, yet many restauranteurs never hire professional restaurant designers to take their business to the next level.

Hiring experienced designers to advise you on everything from location, space, light, texture, functionality and more will, in many case, lead to a considerable overall profitability of your endeavour into the competitive world of food and beverage.

Great designers in Australia and all over the world will give your restaurant:

  1. Balance. Both with symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial symmetry within your restaurant.
  2. Focal Point. A well-designed restaurant always has, depending on the size of it, one or more focal points.
  3. Details. Whether it’s colour, texture, scale or something else – the details set your restaurant apart from the crowd.
  4. Rhythm. Repetition, progression and transition of lines and movement within a restaurant gives it a distinct style and ambiance.
  5. Unity & Harmony. All the elements need to work together in a cohesive way to create the perfect space where your customers will feel comfortable, cool and enjoy the food!

Design Clarity are global and experienced restaurant designers australia (Sydney and Melbourne) and in the UK (London). Simply look at some of these recent projects for a taste of what we could do for you:

  • La Bodeguita Sydney – The managers wanted to make an impact on the Sydney market and the integration of old-world Cuban style with Sydney’s laid back yet sophisticated bar culture is a perfect fit.
  • Nando’s Adelaide – Everyone’s favourite spicy Portuguese chicken restaurant was designed with a feast of texture created with raw sandstone, shingles, recycled oxidised concrete reinforcing mesh and a tile pattern which gives a nod to the humble country table cloth.