Best restaurant designers create breakout stars

Best restaurant designers achieve the best results. There are just no two ways about it. Design Clarity is renowned across Australia and the UK as leaders in the field of revolutionary restaurant design. One of the shining jewels in their impressive portfolio crown is certainly Fujisaki. Refined dining modern Japanese style is taking Barangaroo on a transportive dining experience, infused with both calm and luxury. All thanks to best restaurant designers – Design Clarity.

Glorious harbour views help achieve the luxurious tranquility Fujisaki aims to treat its 146 patron capacity. Three private dining spaces allow guests to fully savour the delectable fare created and plated by two formerly hatted Good Food Guide chefs. Think elegant nigiri sushi and sashimi selections with individual pieces intricately crafted into chequerboards, roses and other decorative delights. Other options include fine chicken liver parfait, Octopus, guanciale and amp with red chilli, even whole marinated flounder. Best restaurant designers like Design Clarity know that while the sensory experience is king, the quality and character of cuisine matters enormously.

Best restaurant designers do not make a move without a vision and strategy. Design Clarity worked with hospitality group Lotus Dining to give Fujisaki clear expression before the premises was even touched. Four creative principles were defined and form the basis for Fujisaki being:

Authenticity: smoked mirrors, luxurious velvet seats, three private tatami rooms and glorious natural materials evoke Japanese culture

Quality: Japanese cuisine is as much about the experience, ritual and spectacle as it is about the exotic flavours. Fujisaki delivers a transportative experience for patrons through both their surrounds and cuisine.

Innovation: best restaurant designers like Design Clarity understand that thinking outside the square is what makes unique visions work. That is why the Fujisaki kitchen is performance itself. First there is the central theatrical robata grill cooking area. Then there is the slate raw bar where patrons can revel in the spectacle of accomplished chefs plying their craft with meticulous shaping and dramatic blow torching.

Respect: ultimately the best restaurant designers know that a transportative eatery like Fujisaki must fuse effortlessly with a premium metropolitan Sydney waterfront location. Interior artwork is a blend of Japanese and Australian influences while ceramic sculptures are the work of a Japanese Australian artist

Fujisaki plates up a unique brand identity and interior. Rich in colour and texture with intricate artistic detailing, only the best restaurant designers could craft a transportative experience of this kind. Speak to Design Clarity about what they can help you achieve for your restaurant.