Bold enlivened bank design: the buck stops here

Once upon a time the words ‘bank’ and ‘boring’ went hand in glove. Bleak interiors and bland layout left bank-goers bleary-eyed. But now there is a new age in bank design. Vibrant new banking experiences are on the rise as progressive banks emblazon their brand story through inspired premises design. All with the help of vivaciously talented bank designers, like Design Clarity.

Design Clarity helps banks break with tradition. Staid old ‘institutionalised’ décor, bottleneck-laden layout and uninspiring interiors are shed with alacrity.

In their place comes an inspiring expression of brand, hero products and values – told rousingly through physical bank space. Unified interiors are the currency of marvellous memorable customer experience. Innovative bank designers from Design Clarity relish thinking outside the box. That is why brilliant bank design is their speciality. Calling upon sharp strategic savvy and boundless creativity, this effervescent team hone fresh bank interiors that:

  • Give powerful visual expression to banks’ brand story
  • Creates clear service precincts for easy client navigation
  • Steer clients seamlessly to key products and services
  • Achieves efficient use of space and eliminates wasted floor areas
  • Secures resounding buy-in from customers and internal staff alike

Modern banking clients demand a positive personalised experience. Design Clarity bank designers ensure your financial institution delivers. Our dynamic functional environments make your clients excited about doing business with you.

Next generation bank design is the bold new age in personal and commercial banking experiences. Spearheading this step-change are those accomplished bank designers from Design Clarity. Across Australia we are changing the face of banking – and making it more friendly, welcoming and helpful. Power up your bank with innovative inviting design by speaking with us today. Or check out the new bank-scapes we have already delivered for: