Building blocks of brand advocacy strategy

Brand advocacy strategy is a true ace in the hole for your business. Indeed your brand advocacy strategy is one of the hardest-hitting yet cost-effective advertising tools at your disposal. But only when it powerfully connects and communicates with audiences that are potential brand advocates, such as media outlets and consumer groups.  Brand advocacy strategy can be driven by design. Take your brand to its fullest potential with a clear unique and unforgettable brand proposition.

Design is a key shaper of user experience. When you deliver an enjoyable engaging brand experience you will reap all kinds of rewards. Free word of mouth marketing, steadfast customer loyalty and plenty of praise on online forums like Facebook, Twitter and more. These are just a few examples of what well-executed brand advocacy strategy can achieve through digital design. Ensure your brand advocacy strategy interweaves into its design:

  • Personalisation
  • Responses to multiple buyer group needs
  • Ease of information location to support consumer decision-making
  • Streamlined purchase function
  • Strong visual appeal

Front-of-mind freshness keeps brand advocacy strategy alive. Revisit your customers regularly to cultivate confidence. Touch base to make sure their order has arrived, seek feedback on how your service or product is adding value to their lives and tell them resoundingly that they are one of your valued customers.

Advertising saturation can desensitise key audiences to your branding efforts. Here is where design can really support your branding advocacy strategy. Carve out a niche with your visuals to ensure your brand is distinctive, recognisable and communicative. You want to strike a visual chord with key audiences that they will remember. You want to be recognisable across all online and offline content channels – and sharable too.

Every strong branding advocacy strategy is built on a unique business personality. Social media, print materials, packaging, indeed all consumer touch points reflect this personality. Sound complicated? It needn’t be. Many a branding advocacy strategy is based on the most simple yet resounding brand personality. Think Apple as just one example.

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