Brand concept design for the perceptive food business

From brand concept design to fully-fledged business operation: this journey is intense yet it can also be innovative and effective. All you need is the right advice up-front and that is exactly what Faisal Hague provides. According to Faisal, brand concept design that goes off with a bang demands attention to:

  • Service offer: your brand concept design must pivot on a single punchy theme or product. Settle on your signature right up front then build your brand concept design to match. This will make you memorable and that is exactly what you want
  • Product power: Don’t allow this understanding to lose your product quality in the wash. Keep your product premium  to keep customers returning for more
  • Position: match your eatery location with your target market. Ensure your price point marries up too. Location and brand concept design are inextricably linked so connect the dots
  • Brand: naturally branding is a hero force behind successful brand concept design. Your brand must tell a story of why patrons will love what you have to offer – and you must make sure that story comes true every time. Logo, marketing, identity, promise: these are just some of the factors that make up your brand story
  • Finance: build your brand concept design to last on the strength of sustainable cash flow. Even if you do not make profit right away or you vest all return into growing a chain of stores, it is having a true informed financial blueprint that is crucial

How does Faisal know this? Because he has done it before. Faisal launched Wrap it up! as a single store in 2006. Wrap it up! is now a chain of 12 stores strong with a further five set to open soon. Design Clarity and Faisal share a long-standing working relationship. We know what makes brand concept design brilliant, not just on paper but at the operational coalface.