Brand creation brilliance

Brand creation: this is your business’ back story that transcends price point or special offers to forge powerful emotional consumer connections. Branding comprises your:

  • Proposition: what you offer
  • Personality: who you are and what you stand for. Here is where you define how your business behaves and thinks.

Brand creation is the process of connecting your brand to your target consumers. To do this, three chief touch points must be hit: brand identity, unique experience/offer; and staff culture. If this sounds like a tall order or even downright double dutch, rest assured that proven expert help is at hand in Design Clarity. Our brand creation expertise breaks new ground and supports your business to do the same.

Best brand creation outcomes

Powerful brand definition is the foundation for design that really hits home. Design Clarity delivers a unique brand creation process purpose-designed to deliver optimum design process outcomes. We bring together all key stakeholders in a collaborative brand workshop to ensure our brand creation resonates powerfully with your target market and builds close emotional connections. Through our brand creation workshop we will:

  • Understand your brand environment: the plan is to take your brand out into the big wide world and have it kick huge goals. To ensure this happens, the first step of Design Clarity brand creation is to understand that world in which your brand will operate. We get ourselves thoroughly across your competitive environment plus your current and desired brand positioning
  • Define, define, define: as our name tells you, clarity is key. We will workshop your brand proposition. Our brand creation experts will traverse what components will come together to provide your signature consumer experiences. Naturally we will define your target customers down to a tee. We will also thoroughly express your brand vision and mission – those ingredients that make you who you are.
  • Tell your brand story: every brand tells a story. Yet when this happens haphazardly you have no control over the messages and experiences that your consumers are having with your brand. That is why our brand creation workshop will master your brand story. To ensure your audience buys into your brand hook, line and sinker, we will define:
    • your brand story foundations
    • what your brand will be known for
    • how your brand will connect with your target audiences’ deepest motivators, emotional drivers and purpose

Individualised brand creation (can we please use another example

Every brand creation process is unique. It has to be. No two brand stories are ever identical or even alike. Take Jamie Oliver as an example. Jamie himself is the brand and he connects with his audience in a variety of ways that go well beyond great recipes and food. As the brand figurehead, Jamie frequently allows his consumers to look behind the scenes into his own family and family life.  Contrast the Jamie Oliver brand with the likes of Marley Spoon. This brand offers consumers the opportunity to create gourmet meals at home with utmost ease. Marley Spoon promises to ‘send tasty recipes and fresh ingredients directly to your door, making it easy to cook a delicious meal at home’.

Whatever your brand will be known for, Design Clarity’s brand creation process will give it powerful sensory and emotional expression to connect convincingly with your target consumers.