Bringing a sense of zen to retail environments

Let’s face it: shopping can be a frenetic experience. While some revel in retail therapy for many others, plunging into retail environments can enough to send blood pressure and stress levels soaring. Mindful retailers understand the stressful element of shopping experiences and seek to ameliorate this for their consumers through clever calming design.

Design shapes all retail environments. So smart retail design can transform stores of all manner into oases of retreat, calm and tranquility. Imagine the power of providing a space away from the clamber and bustle of the rambunctious retail environment lying just outside your store door. Consumers will pour into your retail space in search of peace as well as your products.

When it comes to crafting a restful retail environment, look to the experts for specialist help. Design Clarity specialise in delivering serene appealing retail environment design drawing on strategies like:

  • Colour choice: think soothing neutral tones, fresh green palette or relaxing blue hues. Shades that neither distract nor overwhelm but rather quell any sense of bustle and allow peacefulness to reign supreme in your retail environment
  • Minimalism: much more than just a modern trend, taking a minimalist approach is a purposeful retail environment design strategy. Design Clarity excel in optimising function while downplaying decorative effects for a natural unadorned atmosphere
  • Crisp clear retail displays: clutter is out and order is in when it comes to a modern calming retail environment. Points of sale are uncrowded, symmetrical and streamlined

Choice in materials are another aspect that Design Clarity focus on when crafting a restful retail environment. Consider their work on Sheridan – Melbourne, where the design brief called for ‘beautiful Australian living’. Here consumers step into indulgent peaceful retail environments with pastel hues, natural wood veneer paneling and crisp stone counters. Carefully back-lit wall displays and simple shelving design complete the homemaker haven.

Care to see more of Design Clarity’s work in creating restful retail environments in answer to modern consumer desires? Why not check out their portfolio of recent work including: