Bringing bank design into the future

When you walk into the spaces that Design Clarity create for banks, you don’t feel like you’re in a bank at all. That feeling is deliberate. Banks are not exactly inviting spaces or ones that customers want to hang around in. However, it doesn’t have to be that way – banks can be places that we enjoy going to and being inside. It’s not some distant dream, the future is here, and it’s started with Bankwest.

Design Clarity have worked with Bankwest, among other banks, to redefine how bank interior design should be structured and how the customer service process should flow. By completely turning outdated traditional ideas for how banks should look and feel, they have come up with an amazing transformation that customers are really responding to.

In fact, their brief on many occasions was to create an ‘anti-bank’, and they took on that challenge with gusto. Some of the anti-bank design elements are things you’d not expect to find in your typical bank; coffee machines; real money trees; communal lockers; umbrellas and trolleys available to borrow by members and iPads for kids to draw electronic pictures on.

If you are looking for a team of bank designer experts that have a revolutionary mindset, then look no further than Design Clarity. Browse some of their recent work below and then get in touch via phone or email for a confidential chat about how they can help you and your brand.

  • Bankwest Flagship Perth: Traffic-style markings evocative of pedestrian intersections create a directional, striped floor, and vertical signage pylons act as speed bumps, assisting with customer navigation.
  • People’s Choice Awards Union: The brief was to create an ‘anti-bank’ and the team went to town in revolutionalising everything we have known about ‘visiting the bank’!
  • Bankwest Express: A successful kiosk retail banking concept offering select Bankwest services & acting as a highly visible brand ‘signpost’ in the middle of shopping malls.