Comprehensive retail analysis powers store performance

What is your customer doing and how are they making their purchasing decisions? If you can answer this, then you have the means to really steal a march on competition. Understanding customer behaviour has become mission-critical to in-store retailers with the advent and meteoric rise of online retail. Progressive in-store retailers gather the knowledge they need to stay competitive from comprehensive retail analysis. This influential tool delivers in-store analytics to reveal customer behaviour insights and how in-store retailers can capitalise on these.

Cut the competition’s grass with comprehensive retail analysis

Most businesses undertake some form of data collection about their customers. Yet the value of the insights yielded by these can vary greatly. A simple customer survey can return some insights but you must rely on your customers providing genuine responses or taking time to complete the survey in the first place. Comprehensive retail analysis provides the equivalent of a guidebook offering specific insights about your unique target market. Using the data gleaned from such analyses, you can transform your business in ways that are directly meaningful to your customers. Comprehensive retail analysis gives you the means to:

  • Devise strategies to integrate new and emerging technologies into your physical store space to enhance customer experience and create a retail destination
  • Identify shop-lifting ‘hot spots’ within your physical store space so you can implement strategies regarding placement of in-store security personnel and monitoring to drive down loss through theft
  • Better understand consumer buying patterns and preferences
  • Pinpoint which products are not highly sought-after so you can adjust your procurement strategies effectively

In short: comprehensive retail analysis supports you to revolutionise your physical store space to eclipse e-commerce competitors with a fun, tailored, seamless retail experience.

Comprehensive retail analysis in action

Design Clarity specialise in comprehensive retail analysis. That is why this tool was the first step in our approach to help rethink the existing NRMA retail network branch model. We began with a review of NRMA data and branches. Next we completed a comparative appraisal against a backdrop of mega-trend analysis. Based on the findings revealed by our comprehensive retail analysis, we worked with NRMA to reimagine their retail branch design and service delivery. The results include clearly road-mapped individual client journeys, dynamic branding displays and unified client experience.

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