Concept stores: raw experience creation

Concept stores are cutting new ground in the modern retail space. No longer are physical retail spaces simply a place to hold wares and purchase points. Instead, progressive concept stores work hand in glove with e-commerce initiatives to provide fulfillment for consumers’ purchasing desires that they have explored online. But concept stores are much more than that even. They offer tangible sensory real-life experiences that speak directly to their target consumers’ lifestyles. In a nutshell, concept stores become a lifestyle destination for customers. They foster customer engagement and brand advocacy, represent the brand’s values, create a brand culture and connection with the local community. 

So why shop in a physical space rather than online? Digitalisation has undoubtedly transformed the retail sector in incredible ways. Yet online shopping cannot replace human touch, the sensory experience and the enjoyment that consumers derive from face-to-face service while shopping. Retail therapy is a favourite channel through which to treat oneself on holiday, relish time with family and friends, put together new attire for upcoming social occasions and much more. Where the service add-ons and tactility cannot be replicated online. Here is where these type of stores reimagine the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retail shop and give this a whole new meaning ripe with potential.

Concept stores are a powerful retail force. Yet the right execution is key otherwise a concept store may be nothing short of a big investment that falls flat in return value. Design Clarity specialise in crafting vibrant evocative concept stores that take consumers on an unforgettable journey of discovery and inspiration.

Iconic surf lifestyle brand Quiksilver worked with Design Clarity to create concept Boardriders stores in both Torquay, Victoria and Coolangatta, Queensland. Brand submergence was the order of the day and each store played to its unique consumer catchment.

Both Quiksilver stores immerse consumers in the brand with internet surfing bar, barber shop and even dedicated space to host branding events and parties. A full-size live music stage complete with lighting and sound ensure up to 100 people can party and celebrate while being fully immersed in the Quiksilver brand. True to branding theme, a now signature surfboard carousel stretches across much of the store ceiling and wraps down the facade over the entry. Meanwhile consumers can partake in refreshments in the fully equipped café presented in natural timbers and relaxed vibe reminiscent of a coastal beach hut. The Coolangatta concept store even offers consumers weekly beach yoga classes and all signature touchpoints elevate the experience and give a deeper connection with the brand DNA.

Immersive experiential concept stores represent a key dimension in the future of retail. Design Clarity is your retail design specialist across Australia. Speak to the team today to discuss the opportunities concept stores hold for your retail offer.