Crafting customer experience design

Customer experience design is the way of the future and the power player of right now. Customer experience is the single most important factor in building a commanding foundation for your brand and securing optimum return on investment. Long gone are the days where a good sound product or service was enough to drive customers through your door. Now customers are so spoilt for choice in both product and service. As such, customers are embracing the power of making their selections based on which brands marry up with their personal values and provide experiences that are meaningful to them. Here is where customer experience design can achieve the cut-through your brand needs.

Mirvac: making customer experience design marvellous

Toombul Shopping Centre is one of the latest major Mirvac purchases in Brisbane. Smartly looking to carve out an unmistakable niche for the centre, Mirvac engaged Design Clarity in the early stages of the Toombul Shopping Centre redevelopment. Time was of the essence for Mirvac so in just three short weeks, Design Clarity delivered design magic for a Fresh Food precinct concept. Just a taste of the customer experience design recommendations Design Clarity tabled included:

– Fresh open-plan layout for the tenancies to craft an authentic market feel

– Creation of thoughtfully appointed customer pause points and furniture

– Smart divisions of shopfront and intertenancy divisions

– Integration of new ideas with existing structures for minimal disruption

– A range of quick win yet maximum effect structural and material choices

– Considering shopper desires for ease of circulation and movement flow

Thanks to the swift skilled work of Design Clarity, customer experience design allowed leasing to key tenants to progress without delay.

Choose cutting-edge customer experience design

When true customer experience design is at work, every touchpoint where consumers interact with product or service speaks resoundingly to the brand story. High impact interactions, compelling storylines and unified customer experiences enable you to thrill your target audiences at every point of their consumer journey. Design Clarity does customer experience design like no other. Speak with us today.