Creative customer experience design

Customer experience design is a powerhouse in modern retail environments. No longer can retailers rely exclusively on an outstanding product or service to secure success. Retail is now an ever-increasingly complex multi-faceted environment particularly with the advent of online retail. Customer experience is emerging as a chief influencer in retail success. As such, customer experience design is a discipline all future-focussed retailers need to be across and be implementing. Creative leaders Design Clarity specialise in customer experience design. This impeccable team has already supported retailers across Australia and New Zealand to differentiate themselves in meaningful ways.

But just what is customer experience design? Essentially this practice makes customer experience the pivotal influence in product or service design. A cohesive customer experience design demands that every interface a customer has with a product or service brings the overarching brand promise to vibrant life.  Just consider all the customer touch points that must be taken into consideration, including:

  • Packaging
  • Mobile technology presence
  • Online identity
  • Print advertising
  • Staff presentation and performance
  • Store ambiance, aroma and audio effects

Storytelling takes precedence in customer experience design. In this way, you create powerful connections between customers and your brand. Storytelling also plays a key part in demonstrating premium levels of customer care and the value you place on their business. Indeed, the primary determinant of positive customer experience is how a customer perceives that your retail business treat them. All these factors lead directly back to your brand promise.

Many retail establishments mistakenly consider that customer experience design is beyond the scope of what is either necessary or available to them. Yet award-winning Design Clarity can help retailers of any size or nature to enhance customer experience through strategic visionary design. This leading team formulate a constructed view of target market hot-buttons and translate these into extraordinary customer experiences leading to loyalty, repeat business and enhanced brand reach. Indeed you can check out Design Clarity’s recent work in the field of customer experience design by browsing their portfolio, including projects like: