Design Clarity: Bank design powers up presence

Across UK a new breed of bank is emerging! One that offers an oasis in the fast paced hum of London life. The promise of pleasant surrounds and enriching experiences that support one’s life goals? Certainly a far cry from the traditionally arduous bank visit. But ground-breaking interior design is changing the UK bank-scape in big and better ways. One team is leading the fray into a new era of bountiful visitor experience. Who? UK banks are putting their money on Design Clarity.

These innovative designers are shaking things up in London’s banking sector. Depressing decor, tiresome customer experience and bland branding? All gone! Such ‘problem genes’ are being bred out of banking. In their place stand unified interiors that bring visitor experience to life. Design Clarity crafts responsive internal environments that:

  • Cultivate powerful visual identity
  • Express branding in meaningful tangible ways
  • Maximise use and impact of space
  • Intuitively guide consumers to hero products and relevant services
  • Seamlessly meet future needs and changing requirements
  • Re-contextualise form and function to craft a unique sense of place
  • Garner profound workforce buy-in to internal vision, mission and values
  • Steal a march on competitors through advantageous visual marketing

Now that is a fresh banking experience if ever there was one. But alongside UK banking transformation something else is changing too.

Customer expectation.
UK consumers have traditionally viewed bank visits with disdain. An exercise in parting with their money, time and good humour. But no longer. Banking is fast becoming a positive rewarding experience. Consumers expect to leave their bank feeling refreshed and satisfied. Bank design ensures they do.

Design Clarity is changing the face of UK banking. Their team of designers are right on the money when it comes to crafting high impact bank environments. Already they have changed the playing field on which Australian banks work. Make the call to trounce competition by redefining your bank with Design Clarity. Or first take a look at some of their work in action: