Design Clarity: raising the bar design

Bar design to global standards: when this is what you seek, look no further than Design Clarity. Truly high performance bar design does much more than merely look good. There is a science to getting myriad factors like operational ease, points of service, brand story, ambiance and locational factors working in unison to create an unforgettable patron experience. Design Clarity specialise in delivering bar design that does all this and more.

Modern bar design takes place in a vibrant fast-paced and highly competitive environment. Every bar, pub and eatery is trying to steal a march on competitors and carve out a point of difference. Excellence in design execution is a must and for that you need experienced professionals. Design Clarity has a shining portfolio encompassing successful bar design projects across London, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Working with this specialist team taps you into expertise and knowledge of new and emerging high impact bar design disciplines.

T4 Taiwanese tea boutique in the UK provides a clear example of Design Clarity bar design in action. Here Design Clarity takes fine Taiwanese tea beyond the tea cups to become a wholly immersive experience. Consider a boutique tea bar brimming with unique flavours and fine blends. Now imagine sipping these in a setting of great beauty and homely comfort. Relaxed lighting invites tea lovers to take a restful seat and savour sipping fresh flavoured tea. T4’s brand story is thoughtfully infused throughout the space as eye-catching tealeaf imagery is meticulously interspersed throughout sleek white contemporary interiors. Soft wooden floors add to the tranquil retreat patrons are invited to enjoy. Behind the scenes in the kitchen though, bright lights and high energy ambience keep staff passionately engaged in tea mixology.

Here at home, Design Clarity also imbued Heineken Fox Hotel with bar design brilliance. Here the long-established and recognised Heineken brand was given contemporary sci-fi translation through an artistic pop-up space. Basic pvc plumber piping sports a brand new glossy green paint ‘jacket’ to shout the trademark green Heineken brand literally from the rooftops. Green pipes ferrying Heineken bottles meanders out of a theatrical level 3 window and tapers down the walls to create a dramatic shield for the cleverly appointed DK booth on a dramatic Juliet balcony. Everywhere one looks, green is a colour palette mainstay, from over-bar terrariums to large indoor trees and other greenery that kisses the hotel’s high walls.

Innovative transitioning from day to night is achieved through LED illumination of random backlit Heineken bottle displays through cutouts in the landmark green pipes.

Bar design can take so many exciting forms and breathtaking translations. Design Clarity is the specialist of choice in giving your establishment the most powerful expression through design. Still feel as though you need to see more? Take a look at some other recent bar design projects including: