Design Clarity: your proactive, experienced retail design company

Every pioneering retail design company will tell you that our market is always changing. The wonderful world of retail design never stands still. There are constantly evolving innovations, trends and emerging insights. As a leading design company, Design Clarity is always at the forefront of such knowledge. This is how we assure our clients the very best outcome that is crafted to lead and to last. One of our favourite things to do is to share our up-to-the-minute knowledge. After all, if we squirrel such information away within the confines of our retail design company, business may miss valuable opportunities to grow or succeed. So here, the passionate experts of our retail design company share some of the chief market insights that we consider to be of influence in the coming year.

  1. Technology takes retail design by storm: everywhere you look technology reigns supreme. As a retail design company, we increasingly leverage technology to deliver swift seamless shopping experience that delight convenience-loving consumers. Think Apple Pay that has revolutionised supermarket shopping forever.
  2. Touchpoint multichannel sales approach: every retail design company worth its salt recognises that we are experiencing the rise of the omnichannel. Offering a seamless approach to sales, the omnichannel offers a range of capabilities that streamline the customer experience. From Amazon’s simplified reordering process to consolidated loyalty program a la Starbucks, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Mobile loyalty programs: we encourage you to take a good look at current loyalty schemes. These will soon be a thing of the past, in their current form at least. One of the chief emerging trends we recognise is that of personalised mobile loyalty programs.
  4. Diversification: nothing spurs hot competition like big brand names moving into new markets. That is exactly what we have seen Amazon do in the grocery shopping context. Now consumers can have their household and pantry essentials ordered and delivered within an hour. As a retail design company that has been around the traps for many years, we find this diversification trend to be exciting and opportunity-rich.

One of the best ways to drive continued success in the retail sector is to stay abreast of all current trends and innovations. The most time- and cost-effective way to do this is to work with a proactive retail design company like Design Clarity.