Australian bar designers cocktail for success

Design Clarity is Australia’s bar designer of choice. We know the unique challenges of carving a niche in metropolitan bar-scapes. Whether you own a bar in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or out near Uluru – we will design it to appeal visually as well as maximise workflow and daily operation.

A well designed bar should not only look good, but it should function well too. Both are necessary for a profitable bar where the staff and patrons are happy to be there. Trust us, Design Clarity has got the cocktail recipe for your bar’s success.

Your bar could be sophisticated, casual or downright rocking and our bar designers will bring all the benefits of savvy interior design to your bar, no matter who your desired patron.

Let us mix you up a cocktail of business benefits such as:

  • Powerful brand equity to build your bar’s ‘personality’ and service promise
  • Highly functional spaces to reduce bar queuing times and maximise operational efficiency
  • Enticing ambiance that lures patrons through your door and keeps them coming back
  • Implementation of new and evolving bar design trends
  • Design longevity so you needn’t constantly refurbish your bar to remain in vogue
  • Attention from higher paying patrons to diversify your market position

Design Clarity bar designers are the best and most experienced in their field both in Australia and the UK. Take a look at some of our recent projects to whet your tastebuds for what we could do for you.

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