Encourage the brain to shop with retail store layout

Shopping online isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. Sure, it can be quick and you can do it from the “comforts” of your own home, but it doesn’t give you the ultimate product experience. Visiting and trying products in-store is still highly prized by consumers, which is why retail store layouts are still ultra-important for the brain.

On the other hand, online stores aren’t going anywhere, and with more than 55% of consumers visiting stores before buying online, it’s essential to have a high-touch, physical environment as well as a seamless omnichannel experience in modern retailing.

Design Clarity has you covered. We have the experience, superb knowledge, and increasing popularity to show you how to get your in-store experience and omnichannel presence to thrive. Here’s a peek:

Retail Store Layout

Did you know that the first space your customers walk into is known as a decompression zone? Within the first several feet of your store, is the space where customers transition from the “outside world” into your world. You want to make it impactful. This means focusing heavily on quality display products and well-coordinated lighting, fixtures and colours.

Then, by human nature, the next impactful area is off to the right of the store, so you’ll want to capture the customer’s attention – and hearts – with new items and high-demand products. It’s also a good spot to reveal brand identity creatively through stories and great visuals.

Pathways are essential as they help to ease your customers throughout your store. But you’ll also want to have attention-grabbing displays and merchandise outposts to help slow them down. Merchandise outposts help to encourage those impulse purchases that are more likely to happen in-store than online. If you have comfortable sitting areas, then your customers are more likely to linger. Make sure your pathway leads straight to the checkout counter!

Omnichannel Experience

Building your omnichannel experience is a team effort. If you’re not sure where to start or need that extra oomph, Design Clarity has your back. This approach uses the interests and perspectives of the customers to have consistent marketing messages to communicate with your customers. Using an effective omnichannel marketing strategy, you brand message will be more dependable and productive, resulting in higher rates of brand loyalty and interaction.

There are plenty of factors to consider for your retail store layout, and Design Clarity is more than willing to share those secrets! Our portfolio is brimming with successful projects for companies.