Fashion retail design: get hot on the forward foot

Fashion retail design speaks directly to one of the most influential forces in customer conversion: the eyes. Consider that 80% of sensory information received by the brain is visual. This makes fashion retail design a game-changer for your store. Here is the discipline that crafts visually appealing and inspiring merchandise presentations. For optimum fashion retail design outcomes, entrust this to industry experts like Design Clarity. Yet you can get started yourself by keeping some helpful hints in mind, like:

  • Match store layout with in-store foot traffic: have you ever taken notice of how customers move around your store? If not, now is a good time to start. Foot traffic directions form the blueprint of optimum store layout. Fashion retail design research suggests that shoppers in many countries including Australia and UK follow a counterclockwise in-store journey. But there is no substitute for observing the foot traffic in your particular store. So watch, take note and arrange your store floor accordingly to keep customers comfortable, engaged and inspired
  • Dodge customer decompression: thinking about placing hero products and services right up front near your store entrance? Fashion retail design says this is a no-no. Your entranceway is actually a ‘decompression’ zone where customers adjust to the pace and space of your store. In other words, retail displays in the decompression zone will likely be lost on your customers
  • Ignite impulse buying: fashion retail design inspires customers to buy off the cuff with strategically placed sale items at the checkout. Here is a final bite at the cherry to convert more sales. Think about this: 27% of shoppers buy extra items at the checkout. Are you leveraging these odds to your advantage?
  • Keep it fresh: fashion retail design does not deal in static spaces. Keep your merchandise displays fresh by shaking things up on a frequent basis. Customers should experience something a little new along every journey they make within your store. Changing up your displays will go along way to achieving this

Get fashion forward. Put fashion retail design to work. Use the hints shared here to get you started then engage stellar specialists in the field to really get things cooking. Contact Design Clarity for superior fashion retail design.