Fastidious food retail concept design

Every great London eatery begins with a great concept. This doesn’t mean merely a worthy idea but rather with an end-to-end blueprint for a full house establishment. When it comes to winning food retail concept design there is one name that always springs foremost to mind. That is Design Clarity. With an impressive portfolio across the UK, Design Clarity leaves no stone unturned and no insight untapped to create a truly outstanding concept design for your food retail enterprise.

It is no secret that London is a saturated market when it comes to restaurants and eateries. Faced with such fierce competition, food retailers must expand their horizons to stand out from the flock. Inspired food retail concept design holds the key. That means an intentional purpose drives every aspect of the eatery encompassing:

  • Location
  • Colour palette
  • Décor
  • Branding
  • Floor plan
  • Much more

Design Clarity as a knack for achieving leading London food retail concept design. Case in point is Nuts About Olives, a brand spanking new food retail concept Design Clarity helped bring to Westfield London.

Nuts About Olives transports patrons from the at-times monochromatic backdrop of London to exotic destinations that echo of lush olive groves. A rich sensory experience awaits with warm textures and décor that evokes a glorious sense of elsewhere. Think terracotta pots, white tiled floors and resonances of sunshine. Such an experiential treat is all wrapped up in a handy kiosk layout to maximise patron ease while making it almost irresistible to stick around a while.

Nuts About Olives’ exotic theme is rolled out across the full eatery space and throughout the brand collateral. Everything from staff attire to marketing materials stay true to the immersive theme of the unique food retail concept design.

London demands something different from food retailers. An x-factor that sets an establishment apart from its counterparts or perhaps even eliminates comparable counterparts altogether. Design Clarity achieves that vital differentiator through food retail concept design. Just take a look at a sampling of their other London projects like Browns Brasserie & Bar.