Financial branding services: bank on these

Financial branding services offer breakthrough solutions to lackluster reputation. Unfortunately for financial services providers, the public does not generally feel the love for this embattled industry. Yet there is a beacon of hope shining through in the form of financial branding services. When it comes to this discipline, none shines brighter than Design Clarity.

Getting current and would-be patrons excited is an uphill struggle for financial services providers. Cynicism, distrust and impatience are the far more common responses. Internationally as well as at home in Australia, many hold financial services responsible for the global financial crisis. Top tier lending institutions are seen as untrustworthy rule-benders and stuffy institutionalised entities where customer satisfaction seems strangely absent from service ethos. Changing the tide of such negative reception isn’t easy. Yet inspired financial branding services holds the key.

Financial branding services goes beyond simply a refreshed look or promise-rich customer care initiative. Instead financial branding services connect many dots to achieve a clear cohesive customer experience that is both memorable and intensely positive.

Always, the starting point of financial branding services is the brand itself and the core values that form its foundation. Once these are finely honed, they are clearly and inspiringly shared with staff in a way that engages them and earns their genuine buy-in. When a brand first brings staff into alignment with its values, it empowers an entire fleet of people throughout an to become powerful ambassadors of the brand. In this way, customers encounter the same values and service experience at every touch point of the organisation.

Design Clarity specialise in financial branding services that pervade entire organisations to incentivise staff to deliver incredible customer experiences. Across Australia and UK, Design Clarity is already achieving 360 turnaround for banks and financial services providers by leveraging the power of an impeccably executed brand. Just take a look at some examples of their recent work including:

  • Westpac Head Office branch – Collins Street, Melbourne
  • People’s Choice Credit Union
  • UAE Exchange – Westfield Sydney