5 tips for your next bank branch interiors transformation

Times are a-changing in the banking industry. The fusion of online, mobile and in-premises banking capabilities is driving a radical re-think of bank branch interiors – and indeed, bank branches overall. When it comes to evolving bank branch interiors in-line with emerging industry trends, Design Clarity is the name you need to know. Here are five tips that this team of experts offers to get your creative and strategic juices flowing with regard to reimagining bank branch interiors.

Tip 1: Bank branch interiors abound with digital technology

Digital technologies are a huge transformative force in modern bank branch interiors. Such innovation drives greater automation, swifter service and enhanced patron experience. Digital technologies work in perfect harmony with the all-important personal element. Examples of emerging digital technologies that are improving bank branch interiors include automated cash delivery, provision of smart devices like iPads for mobile patron-driven banking (and to keep the kids busy) plus electronic queuing. Then of course there is the 24/7 self-service bay at Westpac’s flagship head office retail branch in Melbourne. Not to mention the impressive media-based retail merchandising ‘future wall’ in the same bank branch interior.

Tip 2: Express financial wellbeing

Modern bank interiors are called on to express financial wellbeing and effective patron/service interactions at every turn. Progressive retail bankers understand that their bank branch interiors are integral to driving the new income sources pivotal to continued growth and success.

Tip 3: Rethink expression of your key value proposition

How banks market their key value proposition is undergoing a massive yet necessary shift. You need a swift snappy yet hard-hitting expression of precisely what you offer and how you add value – and once again digital and online presence plays a key role. Saturate your bank branch interiors with your concisely compelling key value proposition leveraging iPads, short video messaging and much more.

Tip 4: Engage local communities

Bank branch interiors that engage their local communities are sure to thrive. After all, this creates strong genuine links between the bank and its local community while generating conversation and demonstrating value-add to communities rather than mere profit margins.

Tip 5: Build your interiors to adapt

Bank branch interiors must be built to evolve alongside emerging needs and trends. Think moveable walls, versatile spaces plus plenty of mobile and digital technologies. All these aspects enable a bank to keep step with fast-moving pattern shifts.

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