Fresh financial branding services

Financial branding services present a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Like almost any industry you can consider, patron relationships are central to financial services. Yet a traditional transactional approach remains in the financial services sector with perhaps more persistence than in many other industry areas. Alongside this, executives have lofty expectations of fast results driven by financial branding services. This can often be at odds with the reality of sustainable long-term business benefits and cut-through that financial branding services achieve. To help balance both outcomes and expectations of financial branding services, Design Clarity’s team of experts has put together a breakdown of three key things to keep in mind when refreshing your financial brand:

1. Build differentiation through your financial branding services

Differentiation is the name of the game when it comes to branding. In the modern age of diverse competition within the financial sector, financial branding services can carve out a distinctive niche for your enterprise. Major banks are now sharing the landscape with competitors like credit unions and fresh challenger brands such as BankWest. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, the right financial branding services can champion a focus on specific consumer segments. In this way, you can complete a thorough map of your patron journey, understand their unique requirements and tailor your solutions to fit. Remember that many consumers are disenchanting with the treatment and experiences they have endured at major banks. Financial branding services can be a powerful platform allowing you to capitalise on this and win widespread loyalty in your target patron base.

2. Forge emotional connections

Never forget that financial patrons seek meaningful service experiences and personalised interactions just as any other consumer group does. Patrons want to believe that your enterprise is genuinely commited to improving their financial health, wellbeing and strength. Here is where financial branding services can cut through the stringently regulated character of financial services to leverage technology, social media and other interfaces that build more meaningful emotional connections with patrons.

3. Be quick on the uptake of innovation

Despite fast evolution in financial services, this sector continues to drag its heels when it comes to capitalising on emerging innovations. Forward-thinking financial branding services draw on fresh breakthroughs such as interactive bank merchandising displays, smart technology zones, 24/7 self-service lobbies and much more to reposition their key value proposition – and deliver on this.

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