Get acquainted with the best bar design company London

Been looking for a bar design company London? If you haven’t been, it is likely time you did. If you are already on the scope out, be sure not to overlook Design Clarity. Here is your all-in-one solution to breakthrough bar design.

Like any metropolitan centre, London is a hub of vibrant bars and nightlife. Standing out from the crowd demands an unmistakable point of distinction. The right bar design company London delivers:

  • Remarkably enhanced operational ease and efficiency
  • Clear compelling service zones
  • Cohesive brand story expressed throughout your physical bar premises
  • Mood and atmosphere that draws in your target market
  • Optimum use of locational features like nearby parking, public transport and more
  • Zero wasted space so every inch of your bar in working its hardest for you

But what does all this look like when deployed? One of the best ways to get a feel for what a leading bar design company London can achieve is to browse through Design Clarity’s portfolio.

Take Browns Brasserie and Bar in Bristol where the bar takes centre stage as a riveting focal point. Incredible ‘bricks’ of glass form a dazzling backdrop to vibrant spirit and liqueur bottle displays. Patrons have a breathtaking view of bartenders plying their art. Small wonder that students from the nearby university visit Browns Brasserie and Bar in droves. Meanwhile, Design Clarity has worked in beautiful unison with existing heritage features of the premises itself. Cathedral style windows remain in glorious situ allowing light to stream in. Elegant archways, rich wooden paneling and towering ceilings all add to the stylish sophistication. Myriad seating configurations ensure patrons can choose their pace from full-scale dining, quiet secluded drinks or an up-front-and-centre bar experience. With the right bar design company London on the job, one establishment can provide many different customer experiences under one roof – and make each and every one of these memorable for all the right reasons.

Keen to learn more about what experienced bar design company London, Design Clarity can do for you? Start by looking at their portfolio of recent works, which also includes: