Get across the retail banking revolution

Modern bank patrons demand the best of both worlds: seamless digital access and convenience poised with exceptional personal customer service. So today, banks must have their retail branches and digital offerings working in powerful alignment in order to retain customers. Only when these two juxtaposing yet complimentary factors are performing in powerful unison, can retail banking brilliance be achieved. This can present challenges in the digital space yet fortunately expert help is at hand with Design Clarity. Here we outline three challenges and explain how we can help your retail bank overcome these.

  1. Synchronising the customer experience
    By its very nature, retail banking is a multi-disciplinary service. Perhaps you have heard the term ‘omnichannel’ or you may even have a solid understanding of what the omnichannel approach is. Essentially, modern customers are more informed and engaged than ever before. That means banks must deliver seamless superior customer experiences across all channels including digital, online and physical branch where in-person interaction with banking staff takes place. Plus this seamless solution must cater to customer expectation of personalisation, security and ease of access. Now this synchronising of the customer experience across multiple channels may sound like a tall order. But Design Clarity are the retail banking experts that can support you with the UX/UI and interior design to bring cutting-edge cohesion to all customer touchpoints of your retail banking establishment.
  2. Extracting extra value
    Nobody likes to feel as though they have been reduced to being a mere number. This is no less true in the retail banking space. In the big wide business world, a variety of industries are undergoing digital transformation that is triggering customer expectation of personalised products, services and experiences. In the retail banking space, this opens a window for banks to glean additional value by providing a personalised digital experience alongside individualised in-branch service.
  3. Keep pace with the challenger brands
    The face of retail banking has been changing fast courtesy of many fresh digital-savvy, agile challenger brands that have entered the industry. Certainly these challenger brands may be smaller than traditional lenders like the Big 4 banks. Yet they are digital ground-breakers that have triggered a major reinvention of the bank branch experience across the whole retail banking industry. So what does that mean for your bank? Now is the hour to evolve legacy systems, processes and culture to keep pace or outpace the swift-footed financial start-ups who are wooing consumers with innovative personalisation, flexibility and creative design.

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