Grocery store design greatness

Grocery store design takes grocery shopping excitingly beyond stocked shelves. New generation grocery stores are foodie paradises, farmers markets and coffee lovers delights all rolled into one. Buying groceries is so much more than simply a household necessity. Rather, the humble ‘grocery shop’ is now an exciting market-style experience enriched with aesthetic and sensory wonders at every turn. All thanks to grocery store design.

The brave new world of grocery store design

New generation grocery store design has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Yet a shining example can provide a tantalising taste of what this modern force has to offer. Harris Farm Markets took the inspired step of engaging Design Clarity to assist with the rationalisation of their retail design approach, starting with the development of a comprehensive Style Guide. Already one of Australia’s largest independent grocers, Harris Farm Markets is now a beacon for the multi-dimensional experiences grocery shopping can deliver. This progressive grocer beckons patrons with foodie staples including:

  • – Butchery
  • – Café
  • – Seafood bar
  • – Cheese rooms
  • – Cellar door
  • – Pizzeria
  • – Bakery
  • – Fresh produce market
  • – Imperfect picks
  • – Free fruit for kids
  • – Click & collect service
  • – Much more


Resurrection of the marvellous market style

Modern grocers recognise that patrons head out to do their grocery shopping with expectations that far exceed simply filling their trolley. Different proclivities aside, patrons unite in the hope of a tasty sensory experience. That is why grocery store design achieves an immersive food retail concept by interweaving elements like:

  • – Fresh produce and gourmet delicacies in traditional market-style displays
  • – Creative fixtures like fresh juice bars and artisan bread-making demonstrations
  • – Entertaining and dining spaces that bring food court and café-style seating into the heart of the grocery store itself


What is more, consumers today are increasingly interested in where their food comes from and how sustainably it is grown. Farmers market-style displays for fresh fruit and veg cleverly evoke the sense of buying goods that are plucked straight from farm to table.

Grocery store design can achieve greatness in your food retail concept. You have already had a sampling of what Design Clarity can bring to the table thanks to their Harris Farm Markets case study. To learn more about what Design Clarity can do for your grocery store, speak to the team themselves. They will be only too glad to get leading grocery store design on the job for your establishment.

Look out for our latest concept to launch soon at Paddington Grocers!